Tandem Mobi — A New Tiny Insulin Pump — Wins FDA Approval

A new tiny insulin pump will be coming to America soon.

Tandem Diabetes Care has announced that they have won FDA approval for the Mobi, their newest insulin pump. They call it the “world’s smallest durable insulin delivery system.”

The Tandem Mobi will be about half the size of the popular t:slim X2 pump.

Although it is a tubed pump, the Mobi is small enough to be worn in an “adhesive sleeve” that attaches to the body. Combined with an optional 5-inch tube, the Mobi sounds like it might give the tubeless Omnipod 5 a run for its money. It can also be clipped to the belt or slipped into a pocket, like a conventional insulin pump, and is small enough to slide into the coin pocket of a pair of jeans.

More details — the Tandem Mobi:

Employs Control-IQ, the popular automated insulin dosing algorithm available with Tandem’s t:slim X2.
Holds 200 units of insulin, despite its small size.
Will be fully controlled with an iPhone — there is no screen on the pump, though there is a bolus button to deliver insulin without using the smartphone.
Is compatible with all of Tandem’s detachable infusion sets.
Recharges cordlessly, with inductive charging.
Is waterproof up to an IP28 standard, “tested at 8 feet for 2 hours.”

The Mobi will be indicated for people with diabetes over the age of five.

As for timing, Tandem states that “A limited release of Tandem Mobi is expected to start in late 2023 with full commercial availability planned in early 2024.” You can sign up for updates at Tandem’s official site.

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