Recipe Roundup: Low-Carb Coffee-Flavored Treats

Put a little pep in your step with these low-carb coffee-flavored treats, all from some of our favorite diabetes-friendly chefs:

Sugar-Free Hazelnut Coffee Creme Brûlée – Sugar-Free Mom

“This Sugar-Free Hazelnut Coffee Creme Brûlée is a decadent, delicious keto and low carb dessert! Tastes like a cup of hazelnut coffee in a creamy sugar-free pudding form. Just 3g total carbs per serving!”

Bulletproof Coffee Bombs – Cook at Home Mom

“This Bulletproof Coffee Bomb recipe is SO MUCH FUN! It’s everything you love in your daily bulletproof coffee, made into a fun bomb that melts away when added to your hot coffee. It’s totally Whole30, Paleo, and Keto friendly!”

Sugar-Free Low-Carb Kahlua Chocolate Cake with Kahlua Coffee Buttercream – Sugar-Free Mom

“This gorgeous three-layer chocolate cake is an incredible, sugar-free, and low-carb cake with a decadent, creamy Kahlua coffee buttercream frosting! This cake will definitely wow your non-low carb friends! The chocolate cake is super moist with a small hint of Kahlua flavoring and a very special ingredient that makes it have a light and fluffy texture!”

Sugar-Free Milkshake with Coffee – Low Carb Yum

“One of my favorite drinks before going completely low-carb was a MooLatte. We didn’t go to Dairy Queen often, but when we did, I liked to get a MooLatte so I could have my ice cream in the car while driving without making a mess.

I’m also a lover of all things coffee. This sugar-free coffee milkshake is my spin on a coffee MooLatte drink. It’s certainly not as healthy as low-carb smoothies, but it’s a nice alternative to keto coffee for summer.

This milkshake also kind of resembles a frappuccino. No matter what you call it, this is an ice-cold caffeinated delight!”

Coffee Chocolate Mocha Cheesecake – Low Carb Yum

“A decadent keto-friendly mocha cheesecake recipe to wow your low-carb friends. The homemade gluten-free chocolate cookie crust makes the perfect base for the chocolate coffee filling. There’s also an espresso-flavored sour cream topping.”

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