How to Eat Low-Carb and Keto at Subway

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By Lisa MarcAurele

These are the tastiest things you can order when eating keto at Subway. From the sides to the main course, it’s easier to eat low-carb than you might think!

The Subway tagline “eat fresh” tells you that there will probably be keto options at this fast-food restaurant. At least, it sounds like there will be more options than eating at Dunkin Donuts.

Subway keto options are actually pretty easy to find. This place is known for its fresh salads and sandwiches, with cold cuts galore!

People love eating Subway keto choices because it is so easy to customize everything about their order. From the type of meat and low-carb veggies to the dressings – you have full control.

Everything is made fresh, and it’s super-fast. Even though I always advocate eating at home and cooking your own food, Subway is a wonderful choice if you have to eat out.

Lunch and Dinner

When you are on the keto diet, it’s a good feeling to know that you will be able to find some low-carb options at Subway.

The Subway keto menu is filled with sandwiches and wraps, but if you overlook them and order a salad instead, a world of possibilities opens up.

When you look at all the ways you can mix up the ingredients at Subway, there are literally hundreds of different lunch and dinner options. I’m going to make choosing a lot easier by listing out the Subway keto choices you can make.

I’ll split these options up by category to make it simple to build a meal.

Subway keto salads

These salads are a great option for eating low-carb at Subway. Please note: the carb counts typically do not include dressing.

Steak and Cheese Salad (8g net carbs)
Cold Cut Combo Salad (6g net carbs)
Chicken Bacon Ranch Salad with Grilled Chicken (9g net carbs)
Chicken Bacon Ranch Salad with Rotisserie-Style Chicken (8g net carbs)
Spicy Italian Salad (8g net carbs)
Black Forest Ham Salad (8g net carbs)
Tuna Salad (6g net carbs)
Subway Club Salad (8g net carbs)
Buffalo Chicken Salad (8g net carbs)
Veggie Delite (5g net carbs)

Image source: Low Carb Yum

Subway meat options

Known for their cold cuts, Subway makes eating keto super convenient and tasty.

Roast Beef (2g net carbs)
Chicken Patty (2g net carbs)
Cold Cut Combo Meats (1g net carbs)
Grilled Chicken (1g net carbs)
Turkey Breast (0g net carbs)
Steak  (2g net carbs)
Bacon (1g net carbs)
Black Forest Ham (2g net carbs)
Egg Patty (2g net carbs)


Choose as little or as many toppings as you’d like. They’re all very low in carbs!

Cucumbers (1g net carbs)
Monterey Cheddar Cheese (0g net carbs)
Mozzarella Cheese (1g net carbs)
Avocado, Sliced or Smashed (0g net carbs)
Lettuce (0g net carbs)
Banana Peppers (0g net carbs)
Olives (0g net carbs)
Tomatoes (1g net carbs)
Green Peppers (0g net carbs)


Here are some of the Subway keto menu options you have when you want a salad dressing or sauce.

Red Wine Vinegar Dressing (0g net carbs)
Chipotle Southwest Sauce (1g net carbs)
Ranch Dressing (1g net carbs)
Creamy Sriracha (2g net carbs)
Hot Pepper Relish (1g net carbs)
Caesar (0g net carbs)


The best thing to drink will always be water. If you want something else, these are the low-carb drink options at Subway.

Diet Lemonade
Unsweetened Iced Tea
Coke Zero
1 % Lowfat Milk
Vitamin Water Zero Sugar

Ordering Tips

It is so easy to eat low-carb at Subway! The fact that you can customize everything puts you in complete control of your meal. When you know how many carbs are in each of the ingredients, you can make better choices.

Image source: Low Carb Yum

Here are some really simple rules to follow to stay on track:

1. Avoid bread

Subway is really proud of their fresh-made bread and wraps, but when you are trying to eat a low-carb meal, bread doesn’t fit in with your macros.

Instead of breakfast sandwiches, just order the egg, cheese, and meat.

Lettuce-wrapped sandwiches are another option. Or just order a chopped salad. Salads are going to be the easiest thing to order.

2. Pay attention to serving sizes

If there is something you really want, but the carb amounts are too high, cut the serving size in half.

For example, the meatball marinara salad has 15g net carbs per serving. If you just get half a serving, then you are much better able to stay within your macros.

Tip: Add up the carbs before you eat, and then decide whether to eat it all or save half of it for later.

3. Mix And match the meat

One of the best ways to keep enjoying the keto diet is to mix things up. Almost every single type of protein at Subway is keto-friendly. It can be fun (and delicious) to add three types of meat to your chopped salad.

If you are feeling really hungry (and have the macros to spare), then ask for double meat.

4. Avoid sugary sauces

If it has the word “sweet” in the name, it probably isn’t keto-friendly. The sweet onion chicken teriyaki salad has 26 grams net carbs in each serving. The chicken isn’t the problem; it’s the sweet onion sauce.

Honey mustard is also a no-go. Basically, if it says “honey” or “sweet” in the name, just avoid it.

5. Add low-carb veggies

Cucumbers, green peppers, and raw onions are popular things to add to your salad. They are really high in dietary fiber and low in carbohydrates.

Bulk up your salads with lots of veggies, and it will help you feel full.

6. Order protein bowls

In order to appeal to the low-carb and high-protein crowd, Subway offers a huge variety of protein bowls. They are basically a salad with lots of meat and a yummy sauce.

However, be careful when you order a protein bowl because some of the options actually have a lot of carbs in them (thanks to the sauce).

Image source: Low Carb Yum

Here is a list of the low-carb protein bowls offered at Subway, along with how many carbs they have.

All-American Club (9g net carbs)
Black Forest Ham (9g net carbs)
Buffalo Chicken (9g net carbs)
Chicken Bacon Ranch with Rotisserie (9g net carbs)
Chicken Bacon Ranch with Grilled Chicken (10g net carbs)
Cold Cut Combo (6g net carbs)
Italian BMT (10g net carbs)
Oven Roasted Chicken (6g net carbs)
Oven Roasted Turkey (5g net carbs)
Roast Beef (9g net carbs)
Rotisserie-Style Chicken (5g net carbs)
Spicy Italian (9g net carbs)
Steak and Cheese (8g net carbs)
Subway Club (10g net carbs)
Tuna (5g net carbs)

Some locations also offer regional or limited-time menu items that may fit your low-carb diet as well. Always check the nutritional information to ensure your meal fits within your macros.


Here are a few answers to the most frequently asked questions about ordering keto food at Subway! If you don’t see your question in this list, please leave it in the comments.

Is Subway keto-friendly?

Yes, Subway offers keto-friendly choices that will fill you up and give you a sufficient and complete meal. I love that they also have an online nutrition document. This tells you exactly how many carbs you are eating when you put together your meal.

Is the chicken Caesar salad or wrap keto?

The wrap is not keto-friendly since it is not made with low-carb ingredients. However, the Caesar dressing is keto.
If you want to make a Caesar salad at Subway, I suggest leaving out the croutons and just making it with some rotisserie chicken, spinach, lettuce, and dressing.

Are processed meats at Subway keto?

Yes, the cold lunch meat options at Subway are keto-friendly.

Image source: Low Carb Yum

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