5 Favorite Diabetes-Friendly Frozen Desserts

Finding frozen desserts that are low in carbs can be challenging. Thankfully more and more companies are getting on board with the low-carb craze and have really upped their game. Please check out the products listed below. They’re delicious and they don’t spike my blood sugar!

Good and Tasty Bakes

Good and Tasty Bakes

Sweetened with erythritol, these individually portioned keto cheesecakes are the perfect go-to dessert when you are looking for something sweet. They are also the perfect dessert to serve if you have health-conscious guests that don’t want to sacrifice good taste. The flavor is rich and creamy and contains the perfect amount of sweetness. They are all keto-friendly and gluten-friendly.  All of the flavors come in at under 7 grams of net carbs per cake. My favorite flavors are chocolate and original. 

KIND Frozen Treat Bars

Many people are familiar with KIND protein bars but are not aware that they offer a nutritious frozen bar too. These are pretty mainstream now, I’ve purchased them at Target so be sure to look there or at your local grocery store. My favorite is the peanut butter dark chocolate nut with 7 grams of fiber, making this bar a total of 9 grams net carbohydrates. These bars are creamy and crunchy and a staple in my freezer.

Dole Dippers

Fruit is delicious and good for you, but there’s no denying that it’s easy to get carried away — those carbs can really spike your blood sugar. Here’s a yummy way to keep the sugar content in check. Covered in chocolate, these portioned frozen fruit treats will satisfy your cravings and are low in carbs too. My favorite is the dark chocolate-covered pineapple, which has a net carb content of 6 grams per package. Be sure to check out their dark chocolate-covered strawberries and bananas too!


Quest Peanut Butter Cups

I highly recommend throwing these low-sugar candies in the freezer. These mini-sized peanut butter cups are the perfect thing to grab when you just need something sweet. Keeping them in the freezer will keep them out of sight and mind, and they’ll taste even better when you remember to grab one! They contain 7g net carbs for 4 mini-cups so you can snack and not worry about your blood sugar budging!

Breyers CarbSmart Vanilla Bars

These old-school chocolate bars are made low-carb but do not lack flavor. For only 5g net carbs you can enjoy creamy, delicious vanilla ice cream with a dark chocolate crunchy coating. This is a must for you and your whole family.


The tasty treats above enable you to satisfy your sweet tooth without having to deal with blood sugar spikes. They also contain natural ingredients and aren’t too high in calories so they won’t mess with your weight management, either. Take a moment to look around your grocery store’s freezer aisle, you’ll be surprised at how many low-carb or keto products are available. Enjoy!


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